Figuring out how to get over that fear on your own could take weeks or months of trial and error. Don’t put yourself through that headache. Get this short-cut to getting over your nerves. The book is a quick read and already helping students and professionals.

  • "Love love all the exercises given in chapters 7 and 8! So helpful!!!! I will definitely be doing them all!"

    — Ashlee Souza, LA Actress, Dancer
  • After reading you’ll be ready to:

    • Go from shaking before a performance to feeling strong and confident.
    • Take the mystery out of your anxiety so you can be in control for good.
    • Speak with authority even when you’re nervous
    • Get go-to tricks to shut down your body’s fear of public speaking reaction.
    • Learn how your emotion can empower you instead of overwhelm you.

    Other students have found this book helpful too.

    • "I loved the stories, the medical definitions and descriptions, and the tips and suggestions. Some great stuff here!"

      — Bethany McDonell, Performer

    Dive In

    After an easy 8-chapter read, you’ll be thinking about your next performance and that jittery, panicked feeling that used to sweep over you won’t even faze you.

    Things You’ll Learn

    •  Why your body gets anxiety
    •  Techniques that decrease anxiety
    •  How to change your habits and thoughts for a calmer mind
    •  Ways to build a better connection with your audience
    •  How to be better prepared for your performance
    •  Step-by-step memory methods so you can’t forget your speech

    Topics of Each Chapter

    Filled with practical tips that work!

    • What is Anxiety 01
    • Why Do we Have Anxiety 02
    • How to Manage Your Anxiety 03
    • Tips to Make Practice Time Effective 04
    • How to Memorize: Verbatim and Extemporaneously 05
    • Tips to Improve Your Relationship with Your Audience 06
    • Healthy Habits for a Calmer Mind 07
    • Life Beyond Performance 08

    Stop missing out on great opportunities because of your fear.

    Teachers agree that this helps students!

    • "It was honest, encouraging, raw, humorous, practical and beneficial."

      — Bethany Weaver, Teacher

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      Life is growing busier and busier. As time spins faster, you’re expected to hang on and hope you don’t get sick. Unfortunately, your mind and body aren’t built for such sustained stress. Eventually the anxiety builds up, you break down, and need to recharge.

      I wrote this book for anyone looking to recharge. But it’s not enough to rest a little then plunge right back into the stress. You need to recharge and reset your old habits in order to form healthy new ones that will help you to manage any anxiety that comes your way.

      After teaching and coaching thousands of college and high school students over the years, I’ve found that far more student-aged adults struggle with anxiety than I’d ever imagined. Panic and anxiety attacks have tragically become a “normal” part of high school and college life. But they don’t have to be.

      One day my student admitted she’d been feeling extreme, irrational fear about an upcoming performance. She was embarrassed to tell me because she thought she was being crazy and paranoid. I told her how I’d used to struggle with the worst anxiety, and how I’d learned to manage it over the years[…]”

      When she left my office, she said, “Write a book, Mrs. Johnston. Write about all this anxiety stuff. There are a lot of us who need it.” So here it is.

      Speaking in public may seem terrifying, but there are simple things you can do to conquer your fears and become more comfortable and confident in any performance. I’ve filled each chapter with practical tips that I’ve worked through personally with my students over the years. These tips work! I’m delighted to share them with you.

      Don’t let anxiety keep you from the things you love and want to do. You are the only you you’ll ever get. You deserve to be the best, healthiest, and happiest you can be.

    Others Have Said

    "Butterflies In Formation  helped me see that as a performer I was not alone in my battle with anxiety. In such a self conscious time as my college career it meant the world to have someone care enough to help me where I was, whether performing or managing my anxiety in other areas of my life."

    — B. Roberts, Student

    "Butterflies In Formation  is the best resource I have come across for those who struggle with performance anxiety. Whether you are a seasoned performer or enrolling in your first public speaking course, I wholeheartedly recommend it."

    — J Adams, Drama Teacher

    About the Author

    Written by someone who’s conquered it personally:

    Hannah La Joy Johnston was an example of anxiety out of control when a panic attack put her in the hospital in 2009. Since that wake up call, she’s learned how to control performance anxiety and is now a theatrical performer, college instructor, and director. She’s taught over a thousand students, performed for audiences of over 5,000 people on numerous occasions, and coaches performance and how to overcome anxiety.

    Start being the most confident and in-control person in the room!

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